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The main differences between ruby and php

Ruby and PHP were born in 1995. These are both languages ​​used to develop a website. Although they have the same utility, they do not have the same objective. Each developer knows the differences between these two languages. And according to their needs, they choose the one that best suits their needs. But the developer's priority should be the client's expectations and the goals of it.

The similarities

Whether with PHP or with Ruby, typing is always dynamic. No declaration of variables is useful. There are also classes, whose management is the same as in PHP 5. These two languages ​​also have variables that start with $ (but not all: only global ones). As far as eval is concerned, it is available and the form of the interpolation strings is the same for both. As for the heredocs (escape of a block of text), they are also available. As in PHP5, it is possible to handle errors with exceptions. These two languages ​​also have a relatively standard library, tables and hashes identical on the background. More information can be found on Professionals working for this site share their knowledge and experience regarding website development on Ruby and PHP.

The differences

Unlike PHP, with Ruby, we have a rather strong typing. The developer must then use processes like to_s, to_i to do the type conversions. Numbers, strings, tables, hash, and many others all represent objects. As far as parentheses are concerned, when performing a site development on ruby, they are optional especially in calling methods. The standard library is organized into classes and modules. For variables when using ruby, they represent references to objects as their names and are not objects. This type of development has neither interfaces nor abstract classes. It is also impossible to interchange tables and dictionaries.

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